P.A.D.S.C Services


Comprehensive Analysis (Full audit trail)

  • We provide a fully audited service that gives broadcasters, production companies, agents and performers piece of mind in the knowledge that all sensitive content not used in the final edit, including nudity and/or simulated sex acts, have been independently identified and destroyed beyond recovery.

Episode Analysis (Partial Audit trail)

  • We offer part audit packages that allow clients to select specific episodes for analysis. In some cases, this option is suitable where clients are confident that sensitive content is contained within identified episodes. In these instances, we will provide a detailed audit trail for the specified episode(s) but not for the entire series.

Phase Selection (Unaudited)

  • We provide individual phase services, such as script analysis or destruction of data. This service provides clients with comprehensive documentation of the selected phases.


  Our team focus on identifying aspects of the production that potentially contain scenes where performers may be de-robed, performing acts of a sexual nature and/or contain nudity.  


Outcomes from the initial analysis require further investigation to confirm content that falls within NSS parameters  


  NSS scenes identified that are not used in the final edit, are destroyed using government grade data destruction processes.  

Final Report

  All phases are fully documented to provide a clear audit trail. This is certified in the final report that can then be circulated by the client to the relevant parties.